Tuesday, May 26, 2009

My new friend

I have made a lot of new friends these past few weeks. I am very happy to say this. Not that I felt short handed on friends, Don't get me wrong I've got friends for days! I've got friends that go beyond any expectation I could have ever had for friends! I've got friends that I can't even really call friends because they mean more to me than the title of friend can portray. You know who you are ;)

But there is this one new friend in particular that I am excited about. I've only known him for a very short time but he has stolen my heart....and at times my last nerve. His name is Alex. He considers himself to be "Pretty Old" The eloquent age of 6. I can't really argue with him either most things in my life that are 6 years old I consider to be pretty old as well. Like my bible or more than half of my wardrobe or like my addiction to soy chai lattes...pretty old.

My roommate and I met Alex while we were walking our dogs. He explained to us how he followed us home because he wanted to meet us and pet our dogs. So I guess you can say he is also a smooth talker. We met Alex about 3 weeks ago and not a day goes by when he doesn't come knocking on our door. He is relentless, this morning at 9am he rang the doorbell 13 times....instead of getting out of bed I chose instead to count how many times he would actually ring the bell. Lauren however answered the door and had a stern talking to him...she is really great with kids I love that about her.

There aren't very many activities for 6 year olds to take part in at our house. In fact the only thing we really have to work with is the fact that we have cartoon network. Which isn't exactly what it used to be. But Alex happily hangs out with me as I get ready for work. He happily sits on the couch with me as I read or have a quiet time. I have no idea why he chose Lauren and I to have as best friends but he chose us. There aren't many things that 23 year old females have in common with 6 year old boys. I guess he is into older women or something....which is okay and I cant blame him because I have recently discovered I'm into older men ;) ha

But the best part about my friendship with Alex is that he is a child. He talks like a child he acts like a child. He asks questions that a child would ask and its all okay because he is a child.

Here is what is amazing.... he asks about God.

Somehow him hanging around us Alex began to notice that a lot of what we do involves this guy called God. Like the fact that we aren't home on Sundays because we go to church to learn about God. Or that we aren't home on Mondays or Wednesdays because we go teach about God. He calls the bible the "God book" which is pretty appropriate if you ask me.

He has never heard about God. Nothing. Zip. Zelch. Zero.

It blows my mind. When I was six I at least knew the name of Jesus. I knew that there was a place called Heaven.

But Alex knew not a thing.

So one day he was hanging out with me by the pool. I was reading my God book. He wanted me to hurry up and finish so I would swim with him. I wanted to keep reading because my favorite thing to do is have a quiet time by the pool. But I saw he was growing impatient so I began to wrap up my journal writing. And then he asks me "Whitney who is God".....

I was stumped. I never had to explain that before. I never had to start from nothing when describing God and I saw what was happening. I felt the weight of my answer. It had to be good! this was it!

So I said God is our creator.He created the whole world! He created you and he created me and he loves us very much.

and then he asked me where he lived and how come he had never met him.

I pointed to the sky and said he lives up there in a place called heaven.

This information really threw him off

"So he has like a spaceship?" Alex asked with certainty.

"No he doesn't need a spaceship." I explained

He tried to correct me "Actually I am pretty sure he does if he lives up there"

and the flow of questions kept coming.....

then I told him that he God also lives in our heart...he responded with a look that without words said "there ain't noway Im falling for that crap."

Then we dropped the subject and went swimming. But everyday sense then I get to talk to him a little bit more about God. I tell him how I pray for him to grow up and be happy and healthy.

I guess my point is this. I am honored. I am so happy and so pleased that I get to be one of the first people to tell Alex about God, about Jesus, about how Christmas isn't supposed to be about presents. I am so happy that Alex is 6 and I am going to get to pray for him through elementary school and through middle school...through high school and also college.

I am honored that God would put such a task in front of me.

I am happy to have a friend in a 6 year old boy named Alex.

He once told me that my blood is the most precious blood on earth. (after careful analysis with a lego) and that he was gonna have to protect me from the Jeti who were gonna stop at nothing to try and kill me.

I can't wait to tell him what the blood of Jesus did for him, and how Jesus will stop at nothing to let him have life the way God designed for him too, and how Jesus thinks that he is the most precious thing in the world... I am starting to think he is too :)

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Monday, May 4, 2009

With gratitude I look to you

God, thank you for the blessings you pour down...

Lord, thank you for friendships that aren't easily shaken....

Thank you for experiences that will never fade in my memory....

Thank you for letting me see your glory......
Thank you for loving me and showing me how to love as you do.....
Thank you that your love goes full circle....
Thank you for letting me see your kingdom grow, and letting me be a part of it.....
Thank you that you have a plan for us all that goes beyond our own dreams....
Thank you for creating joy, laughter, and happiness
Thank you that you know better than we do.....
Thank you for delighting in us....
Thank you for being my Bottom Line and my For All Time =)

Sunday, May 3, 2009

Today was a lesson in understanding for me.

I learned that life will always be full of situations that we wont be able to prepare ourselves for. Their will be moments that will take us completely by surprise.

But I guess the most important thing to remember through times like these is:

How will we react?

Will we trust in God? Will we love unconditionally? Will we allow ourselves to be consumed by our desires to understand?

Today I learned that there is a very fine line that separates us from each other. Although we seem so different from one another we are all one in the same. Designed in love and reconciled with grace.

Our battles are not the same but they are similar.

Our hearts are designed for all the same reasons.