Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Hanging by a moment

I knew that I wouldn't be able to keep up with posting blogs..
but Blog spot is nice on those days when you have some things to say even if no one is listening.
Thank you internet frenzy for being my release.

Well in just 5 days I will be on my way to Mexicali. God has slowly been preparing my heart. I know this because I seem to cry just a little bit more than usual. This shows that God is breaking down my heart for what will be in store for me in Mexico.

I am so grateful and thankful to have an opportunity like this. Its crazy because there is such a mess going on down in Mexico right now but it doesn't phase me. Every time I bring up my trip in random conversation I am constantly being advised not to go. But the truth is it just makes me want to go more. Not because I'm a rebel and a laugh in the face of danger. Its because I feel like I am gonna get more God. It is gonna take more faith from me it is gonna require more trust in God. I know that God wouldn't call me to build a church in Mexico only to destroy me. I feel like it is more important for me to go now then it has ever been before. And the worst thing that could possibly happen will only put me face to face with the creator of the universe....which actually is my ultimate desire.....so I guess either way I cant go wrong.

I have had a rough few months and I am so looking forward to just focusing on the Lord. Serving him by serving his people. I just want to love. I just want to pick up little children and tell them that Jesus loves them. And sweat until I cant stand straight. I want to be pushed beyond my limits. I want leave a mark in Mexico, not my mark but the mark of Jesus. I want to tell of his glory and his love. I want to tell people I have never met how Jesus has saved me and that he longs to rescue them as well...and he already has. I want to be consumed by the love of my father. I want to watch his kingdom grow.
I want to meet people in mexico that I will never see again...... until I watch them walk through the gates of heaven.

Lord take this life of mine and let it be yours. May the reason for my life be only to make your son famous. With all my heart soul and strength I am yours.

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