Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Lessons of Love

On one fine winter day, my roommate turned to me and with complete sincerity and said,
"Oh my Gosh I totally have puppy fever right now!" Strangely enough I felt the same way.
We spent a few weeks chatting back and fourth about the pros and cons of adopting a dog but never really got anywhere with our discussions. So I decided that I was just gonna let it be. I figured that if God thought it was a good idea for me to have a dog...then he would make it happen. I decided I wasn't going to go looking for a dog but I would be open to the idea if one happen to stumble into my lap. So we just dropped the idea all together.

But then something amazing happened...I was standing in my kitchen getting ready for my birthday party when I got a text asking if I knew anyone who would want a puppy...

boy did I know somebody......

And then he came into my life!!!!!


When I first saw him he was in his kennel with a few of his other brothers and sisters. I noticed him right away because he was the biggest in the bunch. He was also the last one to come out from the kennel. He had this look on his face of confusion, like he didn't understand what was going on (kind of like the one in the picture of him above), I loved that about him. After standing by himself for a little while he proceeded to pee in a nice little puddle (while still inside the very small kennel) then he jumped his pee, then without hesitation he ran up to me and jumped in my lap, leaving pee paw prints all over my gray leggings.

Right then I told him his name was Desmond and that I loved him...even though he just peed on my brand new gray leggings. That was the first demonstration of unconditional love I showed Desmond, though while he peed on my leg I still took him home with me that day...Kind of like while we were sinners Christ died for us...well maybe that isn't a very similar sacrifice =) But the unconditional love part is.

Lauren's biggest worry about getting a dog was, what would happen if one of us moved out? Who would get to keep the dog? So we found the perfect solution...we got two puppies!!!!!


While Desmond is a manly destroyer...Murphy is such a little lover! Who couldn't love a face like that?

So we have these new little bundles of Joy....who surprise us everyday...Mostly with surprise piles of poop and puddles of pee...but a joy nonetheless.
They wear T-shirts and sweaters

They really like rawhide bones

They sleep......a lot...mostly when they aren't peeing or pooping

and I am incredibly grateful =)


Chelsea Robbins said...

Oh my gosh, how darling are the both!!! I totally want a dog too!! But we decided to have a house first and that our son would be old enough to name the dog himself! I'm hoping he doesn't name him something like Juice box, or Elmo! I love the picture of the dogs in their sweaters! Too cute!

Whitnis said...

I think that juice box or Elmo would be brilliant names for a dog!!!!! You should come over and meet them!

loreneduffyiwertz said...

when do i get to meet the puppies??? i love you!