Tuesday, December 16, 2008

I can not believe that this year is almost over. Tomorrow I will be 23 years old. I feel like every year I so do not look forward to getting older. Its not the whole growing up thing that I don't feel comfortable with, I'm pretty sure it is just the idea of change. Don't get me wrong I'm not one of those crazys who freaks out at the thought of change(at least not anymore). But there is something about being 23 that just doesn't settle right with me. I am grateful for this for so many reasons.

You know last year, right before I turned 22 I had a few moments where I was really not looking forward to it. I wasn't ready to be 22 because being 21 was so much fun.

But here is where it works out. It seems my life always takes me by surprise when I am faced with situations like this. The situations in my life I dread the most always turn out far better then I could ever imagine.

Its really actually funny. And it is an amazing blessing. It is one of the perks of following Jesus. I never realized it before but the older I get the more I can sense God working in my life.

And so when I think about turning 23 I still may get a slight knot in my stomach , but truly in the depths of my soul I rejoice. For I know that God has given me another year to Love and be loved by him. I stopped gauging my age by life achievements if that makes sense. But every year I stop and look back on how far God brought me and that is how I measure my growth. How close he brought me to him. How he showed me grace and how he showed me his mighty love. I wish I could tell you in words you would be able to understand. I wish you knew what it is like to stand in awe of your creator and experience Love in the most raw and real form.

My hope for this next year is to be completely captivated by my Lord. My hope is that God will take my life and use it however hes sees fit to bring glory to his kingdom. My hearts desire is to experience God in the most intimate way possible while still living on earth, and to see his kingdom multiply. I never thought I would feel this way.....I never knew I could want this so bad...but all I truly want is to see the world come to know Jesus.
My hope and my prayer for this year is that God uses my life to make Jesus famous.....For real.

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