Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Dear Heavenly Father,

I am so excited. Thank you God for the opportunity to speak at an all area club. You work in amazing ways. God I'm not gonna lie I am a little nervous. And God I realize that I do not have what it takes to get up in front of hundreds of kids and tell exactly what they need to hear in oreder to live a wonderful life with you. But God I know that you do. I know you already know what kids will be at club that night. I know that you know all the dynamics of the entire evening. But God I am yours. Father please use me to bring them home. Lord speak through me. Send your spirit to move through me. Father please give me wisdom and give me strength. My hearts desire is your hearts desire. Lord I want to honor you. I want these kids to know you. I want for them to know your love. I give my life to you lord and I submit completely.Lord please give me your words. Please give me your passion. Please give me your eyes for these kids. And please Lord open up our minds and draw us to you lord. Draw us continually to you. I love you with my life lord amen

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